Recipe: Ancestral secret sweet rice wine (wine)

Home Cooking Recipe: Ancestral secret sweet rice wine (wine)


Fine wine with good food, it is perfect to have a good wine with a good dish. It is my favorite to have a glass of iced rice wine when I eat! The wine-making garden is also a household-famous dessert. The nutritional value of rice wine is very high, rich in vitamins, amino acids, etc.... appetizing and refreshing, and has the function of nourishing blood, nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney. It is especially beneficial for the mother and the woman to eat during the menstrual period. The best, the key is good and cheap.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: The glutinous rice is washed and immersed in a relatively large container for 24 hours. Depending on the glutinous rice condition, the granules can be crushed with two fingers.

    The glutinous rice is washed and immersed in a relatively large container for 24 hours. Depending on the glutinous rice condition, the granules can be crushed with two fingers.

  2. After draining the rice wine, the water is steamed on a steamer with gauze. The gauze is better to wrap the whole glutinous rice, steam for about 30 minutes, and steam until the granules are clear and granulated. Full.

  3. Insert a sentence, in the whole process, as long as the contact with the glutinous rice can not have a little oil! Hand, pot, and the last Sheng Fang's utensils must be washed with detergent. It is best to rinse with pure water because microorganisms and bacteria in the tap water may affect the fermentation process.

  4. Then put it in a larger appliance and use a clean hand or other auxiliary tool to flip it. This step is to dissipate heat and make the glutinous rice soft.

  5. Then put the glutinous rice in the final fermented container, preferably glassware, and finally it must be sealed. I use the largest glass bowl from IKEA, and the fermentation is also inside.

  6. Bartender, I use An Qi's sweet wine to sell outside the big store, the above marked a package to do 2 ~ 2.5 kg, then we do a half a pack just a pound. Conditional use of pure water, with cold water can also be done, avoid cooked rice to touch the raw water, can not use too hot water because it will kill the bacteria inside the wine, cold and warm, do not have too many to a few hundred grams Just do it, mix the koji and mix well. Waiting for the temperature of the glutinous rice to reach 30 ~ 40 degrees, that is, when the search is not cool or hot, then you can sip a little bit of distiller's temper, mix it with the next one, and then look at the amount of water after fully mixing, the water is basically added. And glutinous rice is ok, I just started to add more, the middle dig hole is not easy to dig, dig it for a while and then smashed, then I will use the kitchen paper to suck a little bit just fine.

  7. Use your hands to flatten the surface of the mixed glutinous rice, remember that it is not slamming, and then poke a hole that can be bottomed with your fingers in the middle or where you feel comfortable. The size of the hole is according to personal preference, and the taste is light and heavy. Adjustment. The purpose of the opening is to allow the koji to react with the air contact, and the other is to facilitate the observation of the wine.

  8. Cover the lid to prepare for fermentation. If it is uncovered, then pull your plastic wrap, as long as the seal is clean and tidy. Fermentation is the most important thing. The temperature is the key. The temperature is about 30. It is the best temperature for fermentation. The temperature is low and the distiller's yeast is not responding. The temperature is high. It is hot and dead. It is really difficult for her sister to serve. Our temperature here is about 27 days. At night, it may be only about 20, so I have to find a way. I use the clothes wrapped in winter clothes, down jackets, thick pajamas, quilts, everything, and then thrown into my big oven. Use a minimum temperature for 3~4 minutes, put your hand in it and feel the slight heat to throw things in. You can go to sleep before going to bed at night, go to work before going to work during the day, then go to work before going out and hit it online. The method is to get a hot water bottle and then wrap it together with a quilt or a down jacket, but I don't think that even the hot water belt should be in direct contact, because the temperature is too high, and the hot water bag is wrapped in a layer of clothes such as sweater sweater. I am looking at it.

  9. In short, the road is adjusted to Rome, the process is not important, as long as you remember how to drums casually, after 24 to 36 hours of fermented rice wine should be completed. How do you know if it is fermented? The first thing is to look at the water in the hole. The basic and glutinous rice are flat. If it is wrapped in something, you can smell it. If you have a scent, it should be almost the same. Remember not to mess around with it at the end, let him lie quietly there.


Glutinous rice washed clean Filtered out the water and steamed Can not touch the oil in the whole process Do not touch raw water after the glutinous rice is cooked. Mix the wine, mix the wine and avoid the temperature is too high Do not move during fermentation, the temperature is controlled at about 30 degrees

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