Recipe: Assorted oyster mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted oyster mushrooms


This year's prices are a bit outrageous. Now eat a mushroom, especially a fresh mushroom, which is about the same price as meat. There are many types of mushrooms, and each tastes different. Among the mushrooms, my favorite is the oyster mushroom, which is rich in nutrients, affordable, and can be eaten and fried. There are several kinds of mushrooms in the family, such as mushrooms, mushroom, etc. I gave it together and made an assorted mushroom, which is a mushroom, but also put some vegetables in it. However, it is still very popular. They say that when the meat is eaten too much, the vegetarian dish is the best "scavenger", and the excess oil in the stomach is removed.



  1. Wash red, yellow pepper, peas, and onions

  2. Pass all the mushrooms through the clear water, cut the small pieces of fine bamboo shoots

  3. Broccoli, small, washed, drowning

  4. Heat the hot oil on the onion and stir fry the onion and pour the rest of the mushrooms and vegetables.

  5. Add seasoning and taste, hook into water starch


1. The mushrooms in the bag, I have passed the water, fearing that the bag contains preservatives. 2. When broccoli is drowning, add 1 gram of salt to the water to brighten the color of the dish. 3, the bagged mushrooms are semi-ripe, broccoli is also drowning, so put it in the pot and stir fry. 4, vegetable powder is a seasoning similar to chicken powder bought in the supermarket, only for fresh use, no need to put it.

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