Recipe: Black jelly tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Black jelly tofu



  1. Prepare jelly powder, cold boiled water

  2. Prepare a large bowl, pour cold water into the jelly powder, and mix until there is no grain.

  3. Put the prepared cold powder into the pot, open a small fire, and pour in the right amount of hot water.

  4. Boil for half a minute while stirring. Finally, pour the boiled 'tofu' into a stainless steel container and let it cool. Put it in the refrigerator and cut it when eating. Put the right amount of condensed milk or honey


1. Prepare more cold water, the more uniform the better. It can also be replaced with cool tea water or mint water. 2, the water should be poured once, stir it faster, the faster the more uniform.

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