Recipe: Boiled eggs, soy sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Boiled eggs, soy sauce


I started writing recipes for recording, recording the taste in memory, recording the taste of childhood, and recording my own creativity and progress. Slowly, I began to think that writing recipes can make children who are not necessarily living in the future, or they can eat the taste of their own. So start with simple, let's get started!



  1. Wash the eggs into the pot, add cold water to the egg 1 cm, cover the lid.

  2. Open the medium fire and boil, turn the water to a small fire, and turn off the heat in 7 minutes.

  3. Use a small colander to remove the eggs and put them in a well-prepared cold water basin for about 1 minute.

  4. Peel, cut, and place on the plate.

  5. Raw soy + sesame oil in a small bowl and mix thoroughly, drenched on the egg.

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