Recipe: Boiled fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Boiled fish


Spicy and delicious.



  1. Fish slices, fish head fish chops washed and drained and divided into two pots. Mix the salt, starch and cooking wine into a marinade and pour in the sliced ​​fish. The fish head is marinated and ready to be used. Vegetables are washed according to the nature of the dishes. Ginger and garlic slices (end)

  2. Heat the oil in the pot (10ml) and heat it. Turn to the small fire, the bean paste, ginger, garlic, and half of the pepper slowly stir-fry until the oil is red. Pour the soup (clear water), into the fish head, the fish steak, the side dish, turn Bring the fire to a boil. Turn a small fire, remove all the dishes and use them for use.

  3. Turn the fire to boil the soup again, and boil the fish fillet slightly (within 60s). Start the whitening of the fish and turn off the heat immediately. Pour the pot into the dish and sprinkle the remaining pepper and dried chili noodles.

  4. Put oil in the pot (40ml), burn the fire in the fire, pour the oil into the dish and slap it. o(≧v≦)o~~


1, fish, I am buying fish, please ask the store to help the fish fillet is good. When you go back to the cleaning, pay attention to the scales of the tail and the crotch. When the store is cleaned, these two parts are easy to clean and there is no residue. 2, the salt of salted juice is more than willing to be less, because if the fish is not marinated, it is useless when adding salt, the taste can not enter. Starch can not be, I have tried, the impact is not particularly large, because the final cooking time is really short, direct naked cooking is not afraid of haha. 3, no broth can use water, or prepare simple broth: MSG or chicken essence (or scallions cut) add water 700-900ml into a broth. You can also use the broth of the soup, the treasure of the horse, in short, self-contained, there is water to become ~4, the side dishes can be a variety of according to their own, I also strongly recommend tofu, is simply a cute thing! The taste of the soup is so delicious that it is very delicious. But before using tofu, you must first salt the boiling water to make the bean curd, and you can make the tofu more tender. 5, other side dishes such as: potatoes, enoki mushrooms, bean sprouts, lettuce, lettuce, cabbage, fans, etc., just add it. But remember to remember to adjust the amount of salt every time you add more food, to ensure that the dishes have a taste. The lazy stupid method is to pile up a bowl of salt and marinate it after the ingredients are processed. 6, pay attention to the degree of easy maturity when entering the food, first into the easy to cook into the easy to cook. There is also a side dish and don't be too greedy. It is not good to have too much bitterness in the dish. I really like to eat the soup left after the fish, and then cook the vegetables to eat it! 7, the first fish head fish steak and vegetables must be removed with a colander or a shovel after cooking, this is the ultimate meaning of my update. Leave a clean soup to cook the meat to ensure that the meat is just right within 45s-60s. And it is not afraid that other vegetable chops will puncture the meat pieces and keep the integrity of the fish pieces. And after the pot is filled, the fish fillets will remain on the top of the dish to look attractive. 8. Finally, the fish flakes begin to whiten. When the 8 and 9 are mature, they will be turned off and the pots will be poured out. The residual heat will make the fish fillets mature, so that the fish will be extremely tender. 9, the final oiling oil 40ml more than enough, if you want to save fuel, there is a way to use a container with a smaller diameter, so that the surface area is small, less oil is needed. Because the oil is floating on the surface, it looks attractive. La la la ~~=== Why didn't you put spices? In fact, the bean paste itself is rich in various spices. If it is not particularly heavy and very fragrant, I think the spices can be omitted.

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