Recipe: Boletus spaghetti

Home Cooking Recipe: Boletus spaghetti


If you have boletus in your home, you can try this practice. After the boletus has been fried, the flavor is more intense, which is very suitable for matching spaghetti! I use dried porcini, if you have fresh, you can try it. Material weight: 2 servings PS: For the first time writing recipes, please forgive me for many shortcomings.



  1. Dried boletus is soaked in water for about half an hour. After soaking, grab the water and set aside.

  2. After the diced bell pepper is cut into pieces, it is salted (for the sake of taste), and the bacon is cut into small pieces for use. After the garlic is peeled, it is pressed into garlic or chopped for use.

  3. The tomatoes are boiled with hot water and then peeled. Two dishes are made into a sauce, and one is cut into small pieces for use.

  4. Spaghetti boiled until 9 mature. The amount of ingredients and cooking time depends on the individual situation. Generally, the cooking time is indicated on the packaging of the spaghetti.

  5. The time to cook the spaghetti can start to get other materials. In addition, use a pot, melt the butter in a hot pot, pour the garlic into a sauce, add the porcini and bacon stir fry, and after smelling the rich aroma, continue adding the bell pepper and the diced tomatoes to stir all the ingredients. After the ripening, finally add the prepared tomato sauce, add salt, Italian spices. Cover the lid and cook it slightly.

  6. At this time, the spaghetti should have been cooked. After the fish is removed, the cold water is washed, the pan is washed, some olive oil is added after the hot pot, the spaghetti is placed in the pan, and the other materials just cooked are poured into the pan. Stir fry until the juice is almost dry, then try the taste and add a little salt as appropriate.

  7. After loading the plate, sprinkle some black pepper on the surface and you're done!


1, the material can actually be reduced according to personal preference, bacon can also be replaced with sausages and the like. 2, ketchup can also be made ready to buy, if you use the kind of ketchup that specializes in spaghetti, then you don't need to add Italian spices, because the sauce contains it. 3, there are Masuri cheese at home can also add some to the oven for 10 minutes!

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