Recipe: Bomb box

Home Cooking Recipe: Bomb box


The fried box is the most favorite dish I used when I was a child. With it, I can throw the beef jerky, the fish fillet, the fruit peel and the white rabbit aside. The crispy crust of the fried box is wrapped in a crispy lotus root with a fragrant meat filling in the lotus root. A bite down, you can feel a lot of taste and taste, definitely a great enjoyment.



  1. First adjust a bowl of batter, this step is very important, the skin is crisp and pointed at it. First put all the ingredients to remove the white pepper and salt into a small bowl and use warm water to make a thick batter. Put it in a warm and humid place for a while. We can put a cup of boiling water in the microwave, put the batter in it, close the door and create a small greenhouse. It’s about half an hour or so, the batter is sour, the surface is a little bubble, you can use it, and we can do other work when we wait.

  2. Taste the meat. Don't buy pure meat, it's too hot and not fragrant. Seven-point thin three-point fertilizer is more appropriate. Add diced green onion and ginger, stir with chopsticks in one direction, and then simmer the air in the meat and then season.

  3. Add the cooking wine, sesame oil, salt, and starch, and stir it after each release, so that the meat is more delicate. Don't put it all in, then stir it

  4. Wash and peel the lotus root, cut into pieces, and sandwich the meat in the middle of the two pieces.

  5. After half an hour of fermentation, the batter has become sour, and the salt and pepper are added to it. These two seasonings must be placed later, otherwise it will affect the speed of batter fermentation.

  6. Use a pinch of meat stuffed in the batter to lick it. If you like to eat more meringue, wrap it up a bit. If you don't like it, just control it for a while. The thinness of the meringue is not determined by the thinness of the batter, but by the time of the wrap.

  7. Prepare a small pot with a small diameter but a little height and put oil in it. It is more fuel efficient to use such a pot to fry things. The oil temperature should not be too high, because there is meat filling inside. If the oil temperature is too high, the meat inside is not fully cooked, and the skin has been pasted.

  8. Slowly fry the skin with a small fire and fry it. After controlling the excess oil, you can enjoy it.

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