Recipe: Braised pork with red cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised pork with red cabbage



  1. Air-dried bacon, the meat is dry and tastes salty, soak the water in advance; after steaming, it is best to steam it again, and do not use steamer specially. Sprinkle a little ginger on the plate, pour a little wine, and wait for the rice cooker to steam. The cooked meat is also steamed; the steamed bacon is cut into small pieces for use.

  2. Garlic cloves peeled and minced; ginger peeled and minced; green garlic to take garlic and white sliced; red sweet pepper cut into strips

  3. After the vegetable moss is washed, remove the hard head, tear off the old ribs and skin, and select some of the tender parts of the hand to make a segment (remember not to cut the knife)

  4. The wok is hot and oiled. After the oil temperature rises, the ginger is minced with diced green onion and shabu-shabu.

  5. After a while, pour in the bacon pieces that have been processed in the previous stage, stir fry, spray the cooking wine, stir-fry until the flesh is translucent and move to the side of the pot.

  6. Put the oil from the bacon in the pot, pour the red cabbage into the pot and stir fry, add a little salt, stir well

  7. Under the red pepper, push the pot and stir the bacon, stir all the ingredients in the pot and stir it evenly.


1. The bacon itself has a salty taste, so the amount of salt in this dish should be well grasped. 2. Traditional old practice, this dish is fried with lard, and there is no standing oyster sauce in the kitchen, so this dish is fried with ordinary oil. 3. The timing of this dish should be grasped well, neither can be fried too raw, life is not easy to taste, and can not be cooked thoroughly, too cooked and bad to be crisp and delicious.

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