Recipe: Braised pork with spinach

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised pork with spinach


After reading "China on the tip of the tongue", I bought 2 pounds of Xiangxi bacon online and made it three times. Finally, I fully played the salty smell of bacon, and people who want to eat can't stop!



  1. The meat of Xiangxi is very salty, salty and salty, so the treatment of bacon is crucial. First, soak the whole piece in hot water for 10 minutes (without heating while boiling, hot water will do), remove the salt

  2. After washing, cut the meat into thin slices, code in a bowl, steam in a pressure cooker for 10 minutes, steamed and transparent, and the fat part is sparkling. There will be oil leakage in the bowl

  3. After the hollow vegetables are washed and cleaned, the rods are cut into small pieces of one centimeter, and the leaves can be cut according to the usual size, not too small.

  4. Put a little oil in the pot, not too much, there is grease in the steamed meat. After the oil is hot, even the oily meat + pepper is poured and stir-fried for a few times. Then stir the spinach and add some sugar to taste.


1, bacon is absolutely salty, a little salt does not have to put. A small piece of bacon can be fried in a pound of spinach. 2, bacon to buy pork belly, oil and meat is enough to incense.

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