Recipe: Braised squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised squid


A home-cooked dish that I can't eat myself, is very delicious when I first do it. Recommend it to everyone. Note: Eating fish can be smart.



  1. When you buy it, the squid is usually killed. The fish is cut with a knife on both sides of the fish (good taste). The whole body of the fish is wiped with salt.

  2. I usually salt the fish for a few hours (made at noon and marinated at night). Put the oil in the pot and heat it. Keep the fish as much as possible (to keep the fish intact and the fish skin not broken) into the fish. Frying on both sides.

  3. Fish fried yellow added broth (clear water also) water did not pass the fish. Burn open chili, ginger, garlic seeds. Put two scoops of soy sauce (add more, depending on your taste). Put a little salt. The fish in front were salted.

  4. Finally, the fish soup will be smashed in the middle of the fire. Completed

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