Recipe: Bread glutinous rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Bread glutinous rice cake


I used to do it once with glutinous rice, and then I left a big bag, sad reminder. This time, I changed the glutinous rice flour. I couldn’t finish my thoughts and I could do the dumplings. I searched for various recipes. Basically, the bread machine is equipped with glutinous rice, the waterwork is made of glutinous rice flour and sticky rice flour (the ratio is very different), so I experimented with this bread machine lazy glutinous rice flour formula.



  1. 150g glutinous rice flour + 100g sticky rice flour, placed in the bread machine, dig a hole in the middle, add 100g warm water

  2. Starting the 'meal', my bread machine is beautiful, basically no shape after 18 minutes and after the face. After crushing the power by hand, add 100 grams of warm water and continue to 'face'

  3. Turn off the power again, knead the dough sticking to the bread machine, lick 30-50 grams of water, watch your dough, keep it moist, because it will start the 'glutinous rice cake' function later.

  4. After adding the dough to the middle and adding water, start the “glutinous rice cake” function, 90 minutes, wait for it. Take it out and put it in the silicone mold to wait for the cooling. Finished!


1, with a silicone mold is not sticky at all, even the oil has not been added. 2, lazy version does not brush the pot without a knife, good recipe 3, next time add sugar to try sweet

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