Recipe: bread pudding

Home Cooking Recipe: bread pudding


A small dessert that is very popular in the family. Every time I bake three cups, the small one can eat two cups, the big one, I taste two, it is enough, I don't like it very much, I feel a little tired, or I am more accustomed to the Chinese steamed egg tart. But since someone loves to eat, I would be happy to do it :)



  1. Mix the milk, whipped cream and half the sugar into the pan. Cook over low heat until the sugar is dissolved and turn off the heat (mix frequently). At this time about 80 °, do not boil

  2. Pour in the butter and stir until melted

  3. Stir the eggs and the remaining half of the sugar

  4. Pour the egg into the milk in 2 and stir while pouring

  5. Stir the egg milk thoroughly

  6. filter

  7. Cut the toast into small squares, spread them on the bottom of the bowl, and put a few raisins

  8. Pour the egg milk into the pudding cup until 8 minutes, and then bake after ten minutes. Middle and lower floors, 180°, baked for 20 minutes


1. Because the material in the cup will also bulge after baking, the liquid can be poured into the cup for 8 minutes. Do not heat the milk in the 2.1 to boiling, and stir it quickly when pouring into the egg to avoid boiling the egg into pieces. 3. Put the pudding liquid for ten minutes and then bake it so that the toast can be fully soaked, so that the taste will be tender and tender.

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