Recipe: Broccoli fried chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Broccoli fried chicken


This dish is called "Little Happiness." It is my husband's personal guidance under my guidance, I personally gave me a special custom (my weight loss trip exclusive). Broccoli is a low-calorie food, rich in minerals and protein, which helps the liver to detoxify. It is the king of anti-cancer vegetables, and it also has super weight-loss skills. Losing weight and eating more broccoli is not just to help you lose weight, but also to help you detoxify and prevent cancer. Oh, oh, no more nonsense, start cooking.



  1. Chicken breast cut into small pieces, ginger shredded.

  2. Broccoli cuts with water and a little salt for 15 minutes, remove and wash.

  3. Put the chicken pieces in a bowl with ginger, salt, soy sauce, raw powder and mix well for a while.

  4. Boil the boiled water and add a little salt to the oyster sauce. Add the cold water to the broccoli and remove the cold water.

  5. Heat the pan and add the chicken pieces to stir the aroma. Stir fry until slightly yellow, add a little salt, stir well.

  6. Put the broccoli, stir well, add the appropriate amount of oyster sauce, drizzle into the water starch fire to receive the juice.


Since the first sharing, the process did not take pictures, the next time every step is taken to record the hay there are more to share the menu to help lose weight, no, or interested can add me VX: 408805097

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