Recipe: Broccoli (salty) sliced ​​meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Broccoli (salty) sliced ​​meat


The first thing to say is that the meat is marinated beforehand. Just use the same amount of salt and sugar to spread the meat, then apply a layer of white wine (the white wine can actually be used), and it will not be a problem to pack it in the crisper for one week. For a person who lives, this kind of practice is super convenient. When you want to eat it, you can take it out at any time and cut it. It is not difficult to eat any vegetables. P.s: This should also be done with rice cooker~~



  1. Broccoli washes the water and cools the water. When you drown, you can put some salt, so you don't need to add salt when cooking.

  2. Hot pot hot oil, fragrant ginger, minced garlic, pour the meat into the pot, stir fry, sprinkle a little cooking wine after the discoloration, stir fry, add the scalded broccoli, and just dry the soup.

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