Recipe: Brown sugar barley barley latte

Home Cooking Recipe: Brown sugar barley barley latte


The taste of brown sugar and barley is really very simple. It is very mellow and full of fragrance. It has been drinking for a few days. After drinking today, I want to be tomorrow. Haha Amway gives mud~~



  1. Water 2 (open water) 100g mixed with 13g of barley, soak the barley in advance, so that the flavor of barley gradually emerges.

  2. Add the black sugar granules together with the water 1 into the small milk pot. Heat it on medium heat until the brown sugar granules are completely melted and continue to heat until the bottom of the pot is bubbling. The brown sugar water almost evaporates and shuts off immediately.

  3. Pour the barley tea from step 1 into a milk pan, boil over low heat for about 3 minutes, and boil the water. Then add 250ml of pure milk, mix well and then boil over low heat until the bottom of the pot begins to take a small bubble and turn off the fire immediately, cover the lid for about 5-8 minutes.

  4. The barley granules in the cooked barley brown sugar milk were filtered through a mesh sieve. Look for a good-looking cup, put a proper amount of cooked green scallions on the bottom (if you don't have any green simmer), put the filtered barley brown sugar into the cup. Okay~enjoy!


In addition to the green barley ingredients can also put other ingredients, such as red beans, coix seed, oats, pearls, round, pudding balabala.... In short, do not stick, you can also, how do you like ~ ~

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