Recipe: Brown sugar glutinous rice bran

Home Cooking Recipe: Brown sugar glutinous rice bran


This is a kind of dessert that Xiao Yan often eats when he was a child. It is very good to make breakfast! Another way to eat is to eat with sugar powder after frying, but I prefer this way of eating, sweet, soft, every bite is sweet. This is very similar to the oily sugar in Wuhan, except that the oily sugar is fried, the outside is crisp and soft, and it is relatively sticky, and the inside and outside of the small dragonfly are soft. It won't stick to your teeth at all.



  1. Brown sugar is washed away with water

  2. Glutinous rice flour with water and knead into dough

  3. Divide the dough into small pieces

  4. Put a little oil in the pan, put the cake on it and heat it with a small fire.

  5. Let the two sides be fried into golden yellow

  6. Pour the red sugar water into the pot

  7. Turn over and let each glutinous rice glutinous rice stick to the red sugar juice

  8. When the glutinous rice bran becomes soft, it can be loaded.

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