Recipe: Butter Cookies (No Egg Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Butter Cookies (No Egg Edition)


The egg-free butter cookies are equally delicious.



  1. Mix A material (butter + powdered sugar softened at room temperature) to flocculent milky white

  2. B material (salad oil + milk) mixed for use

  3. Add B to A and mix well.

  4. Add C low powder to the third step and mix well. If the temperature is too low, it is not easy to operate.

  5. Put 4 into the flower bag, the flower mouth must be placed vertically in the baking tray, slowly slowly squeezed (really slow! The key to the perfect skirt)

  6. Preheating the oven, 160 degrees 18~25 minutes Depending on the temperature of each oven, the thickness, size and time of the cookies, it is inconvenient to unify. The most important thing is to observe with the naked eye and color.


I also made a combination of salad oil and milk with the same amount of light cream. The milk taste is more intense but the crispness is not as good as the latter. See if you like it!

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