Recipe: Canned hawthorn

Home Cooking Recipe: Canned hawthorn


Now the mountains are everywhere, and the streets and supermarkets can be seen everywhere. When I was young, I liked the sweet and sour mountains. Every time I saw this, I couldn’t help but drool in the mouth of the mountain. At that time, I often took it from the tree and gave it to my mouth. It was the most original ecology. How to eat. Now that I am older, I can no longer enjoy that kind of eating, but I still want to buy some homes when I see the bright red mountains, and I will process them a little and change the pattern. I like the canned hawthorn. After the hawthorn is cooked, it is added with white sugar and rock sugar. It becomes soft and sweet and mellow, and the palate is more palatable. It is not so sour. You can also put a clean bottle inside, cover the lid, save it for a while, and think about when to eat and when to eat.



  1. Wash the hawthorn, remove the hawthorn flower mouth, use the cap to poke from the mouth of the flower, remove the hawthorn nucleus

  2. Put the water in the pot, add the sugar and rock sugar, boil over the fire, and cook over medium heat for a while. (If you like the water in the mountains, you can put more, if you like thick, you will put less water, and the sugar will be added according to your favorite sweetness.)

  3. When the soup is slightly thick, add the hawthorn and cook for 10 minutes. The hawthorn can't be cooked for a long time. It takes too long to crack easily.


Putting sugar can make the soup thicker, and putting rock sugar can make the color of the soup brighter and more beautiful.

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