Recipe: Caramel Chocolate Madeleine

Home Cooking Recipe: Caramel Chocolate Madeleine


Choose from "Beer Roast 365" beurre noisette, which is also called hazelnut cream.



  1. Prepare the work, apply the butter in the Madeleine mold, put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate the spare powder and mix it evenly.

  2. After the salt-free butter is cut into the pot and cooked to the coke color, the water is cooled and filtered.

  3. Add sugar and honey to the whole egg mixture and stir evenly to melt the sugar. Add the sieved powder, mix well, then pour the coking butter into portions and mix until completely absorbed.

  4. Allow to stand for 2 hours, mold the powder, enter the mold 8 minutes and fill the 170 ° C middle layer for 15 minutes.


The amount of recipes such as the size of the recipes Madeleine 18 is better after the second day of oil returning!... ! !

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