Recipe: Carotene meatballs

Home Cooking Recipe: Carotene meatballs



  1. Wash fresh green radish, a little egg, ginger with skin and smashed into a powder, stir-fry the pepper into a powder, salt 6 grams (can add salt according to their own taste)

  2. Use a wipe to rub the radish into silk (be careful not to rub your hands, use a knife to chop the leftover)

  3. Rub the radish with a knife and don't break it. Autumn radishes are hydrated and need to be rubbed with water by hand.

  4. Pour all the ingredients into the basin

  5. When preparing to fry, stir all the ingredients evenly (the water will be out after a long time), and the radish can be agglomerated.

  6. Heat the oil pan to 60% heat, and then add the meatballs. Slowly fry until the surface is golden.


1, the radish meatballs, the highlight is the taste of radish scent, there is no need to put too much spices inside, especially the seasonings such as MSG, onion, garlic, pepper and so on are too much, it is bound to "small and powerful", affecting the taste ; 2, radish balls to be fried delicious, the most important point is not to put too much surface, otherwise it will become a facial paralysis, seriously affecting the taste. If the radish is too much water, use your hand to lick it, and then put less eggs. 3, when rubbing the radish, the last thing will be left a little bit, do not continue to rub, otherwise it will wipe the hand. The only thing left is to cut everything with a knife; 4, one can fry a little more in the refrigerator to freeze, when there is no time to cook, take out the emergency. You can make a soup, put a proper amount of water in the pot and open it into the meatballs, add some chicken or not, then add the fungus, spinach or other vegetables to boil.

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