Recipe: Chicken rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Chicken rice


I bought a chicken to prepare soup. I was afraid that the soup was too oily. So I removed most of the chicken skin and fat. It was a pity to throw it away. So I decided to make a chicken rice and eat it. It is very fragrant! Oh, I don’t want to eat it occasionally, let’s say, I’m already fat now, haha~! I heard that chicken oil can be used to treat baldness, hair loss and other symptoms. I wonder if it is true?



  1. Wash chicken skin or chicken fat

  2. Hot oil pan, cook chicken skin with chicken skin or fat

  3. Then, like cooking in the usual way, put the right amount of water and rice in the pot, put the fried chicken oil and chicken skin into the pot, and then add the right amount of salt.

  4. Press the 'cooking rice' button, and then you can eat it again. You can discard the chicken skin when you eat it.


Now everyone advocates healthy living, but occasionally eating some animal oil is also very good for the body!

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