Recipe: Chicken sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Chicken sauce


"Food in China, taste in Sichuan", "one dish, one dish, one hundred dishes and one hundred flavors", "Guilin landscape is the best in the world, the number of snacks in Chengdu is the first". The acclaim of the foods of Sichuan has never been overcome, which of course is consistent with the strength of Sichuan cuisine. Speaking of Sichuan's famous snacks, it is simply "the monk knocks on the wooden fish - a lot more", dragon copy hand, bell dumplings, dandan noodles, sweet water noodles, husband and wife lung tablets, Korean buns, Lai Tangyuan, chicken sauce, hot and sour powder, Feichang powder, Zhangliang powder, Sichuan northern jelly, slag surface, glass sizzling, pheasant, Song glutinous rice noodles, pearl scorpion... This number of sputum, the old wheat's saliva is ticking on the keyboard Today, the old wheat dedicates a "chicken sauce pot paste", but it is a modified version of Kazakhstan. By the way, introduce a good thing Chicken juice pot stickers, as the name suggests, or "Wang Wensheng" - "chicken juice" + "pot stickers." The traditional pot stick is the most traditional water stuffing, which is the seasoning with the ginger and spring water, and the chicken sauce is replaced with cold chicken soup to replace the ginger onion. You said, is this fresh? The taste of course cattle! It is delicious to eat, it is not easy to do it. Ha: Chicken soup should be 熬 2-3 hours or more, it takes at least 1 hour to cool down, then stuffing, noodles, kneading, maturity, recently recommended to me. A good thing - Jiahao chicken juice. When he introduced it, I still remember: "Ordinary chicken powder chicken is made from MSG and a small amount of chicken powder, and Jiahao chicken juice is made from chicken sauce and a small amount of MSG." Chicken juice pot paste, the effect is good :)



  1. Fat 3 thin 7 pig hind leg meat 剁 fine into the lotus, placed in the basin, add salt / Jiahao chicken juice / pepper / cooking wine / sesame oil / ginger onion juice and other seasoning, add cold water to whipped several times, Refrigerated in the refrigerator

  2. Flour and boiled water quickly, mix well, add a little cold water to form a mass, rub into a small piece of heat, add a little bit of lard after cooling, cover with a wet towel and cover for 5 minutes.

  3. Dough knead, pick 9 grams of the agent, knead into a 7 cm diameter skin, stuffed into a crescent shaped pot dumplings

  4. Add a little oil in the pot, put the pan on the fire and fry until the bottom is slightly colored, add a little boiling water (about 1/5), cover the lid, keep turning the pan until the water is dispersed, and the bottom is golden.

  5. Put the bottom up in the dish, mix with chicken soup, eat hot:)


1. The stuffing heart must be seasoned accurately, add water in portions, and whet hard, so that it is tender. (If you don't have Jiahao chicken juice, Laomai gives you a trick: one is to let the chicken soup cool, and the other is to run the supermarket to buy Jiahao chicken juice) 2. The dough is made of boiling water and noodles. The bottom of the pot is crispy and the top is soft. The taste is contrasted. 3. The six words summarize the mature essentials: medium fire, water, cover, turn, listen, and look. (If you feel trouble, then steam it first and then fry it directly to the bottom of the golden color.) 4. Eat hot, but also pay attention not to swallow a bit, the soup is a lot, very hot, the tongue is hot, only crying

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