Recipe: Christmas Snow Strawberry Cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Christmas Snow Strawberry Cake


This year's Christmas Eve ladder is widely acclaimed! The whole formula includes a full set of hurricane + assembly + cheese cream! Green is a cheese butter cream that is more delicious and more stable than butter! Of course, there is no need to be green. I am making extra cup cakes and flowers. This is the red match with the green dog. [Hello... The amount of the square is a 17cm hurricane + two cups. A little bit of chocolate beans made out of strawberry Christmas tree cupcake



  1. [Hurricane] Egg yolk protein is separated (protein is packed in a clean and non-aqueous container). Oil and coffee are heated to a small heat for four weeks. Pour into the cocoa powder and mix well. Put it aside

  2. [Hurricane] Add yolk egg yolk to 30g sugar to make it slightly white, mix cocoa liquor and rum into egg yolk, mix well, sift into low flour and corn starch and mix well.

  3. [Hurricane] The protein is dripped into the lemon juice, and then 50g of sugar is added in several portions. The electric egg beater is played until the 9th dispensing has a sharp corner hanging down. The protein was added to the egg yolk paste in portions, and the mixture was uniformly mixed each time before proceeding to the next step. Into the mold, lightly shake the large bubbles on the surface

  4. [Hurricane] Bake for 30 minutes at 170°, come out and put it down, release the mold and use it for later use.

  5. [Syrup] The juice from the oranges is squeezed out and the sugar is simmered until the sugar is completely melted. Brush it to a good piece of cake

  6. [Cream] Cream and rum can be added to the spiky corners.

  7. [裱花] Apply a proper amount of cream to the first piece of cake. Wash the strawberries and slice them. And so on. Apply cream to the sides and top, and wipe the noodles almost on the line... Sprinkle with coconut around!

  8. 30g butter and 95g cream cheese (topping) are cut into small pieces and placed in a mixing bowl. After softening at room temperature, use a spatula to stir and smooth. Add 30g of powdered sugar, mix well with egg, and choose your favorite flower mouth. Squeeze at the top

  9. Let's pile up all kinds of strawberries! Finally, sprinkle a layer of coconut on it! ! (If you have moisture-proof powder, ok)


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