Recipe: Chrysanthemum cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Chrysanthemum cake


These two are named after the shape, a kind like chrysanthemum, a kind like a bergamot



  1. Mix all the materials of the water and oil skin, smash into a group, the surface is smooth, covered with plastic wrap to wake up

  2. Mix all the ingredients of the pastry

  3. The oily skin is gently flattened to wrap the pastry and close the mouth.

  4. Close the mouth and gently press the dough with your hand to evenly distribute the pastry

  5. It is made into a rectangle, folded into 3 rectangles and then folded into a rectangle.

  6. Rolled up from top to bottom, divided into 10 doses

  7. The agent is slightly opened, wrapped in bean paste, and each bean paste is 15g.

  8. Chrysanthemum Crisp: The dough filled with bean paste will be wrapped up, flattened, turned over, and kneaded into a cake about 10 cm in diameter. In the middle, use the cola bottle cap to make a mark, divide the dough into 8 parts evenly, use scissors to cut the mark along the mark, and cut the round mark of the bottle cap. Cut the cut petals in one direction

  9. Buddha Hand Crisp: Wrap the dough of the bean paste, close the mouth and roll it into an oval shape. Hold the end of the ellipse with your right hand, and press the two-thirds of the ellipse into a fan shape with the palm of your left hand. Cut 6 knives evenly with a knife to form 7 fingers, and roll the middle 5 fingers inward.

  10. Chrysanthemum crisp middle brush egg liquid, bergamot crisp all brush, 180 degree roast for 20 minutes

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