Recipe: Coconut Matcha Mousse Cup

Home Cooking Recipe: Coconut Matcha Mousse Cup


Go to Taobao to buy a few mousse cups, buy some raw materials, you can make delicious and beautiful mousse at home~ There is no cake at the bottom of this mousse, but the coconut milk is frozen.



  1. Refrigerate before creaming (note, not frozen) for more than 12 hours

  2. Put the small sago into the water in the pot and cook until it is too translucent. Turn off the heat.

  3. Cover the lid and smother until the small sago is all transparent. Take out the shower and drain.

  4. Gelatine tablets are soaked in cold water, drained and drained

  5. After the coconut milk is heated on a small fire, add sugar and gelatin tablets, stir and melt thoroughly.

  6. Place the small sago on the bottom of the cup and add the coconut milk from [Step 5] to the 1/3 of the cup. Refrigerate into the refrigerator to solidify

  7. Add the remaining coconut milk to the matcha powder and mix well.

  8. Add sugar to the cream and send it to 60% to 70%. Add the coconut milk in [Step 7] and continue to stir evenly.

  9. Remove the cup from [Step 6] in the refrigerator, add the cream from [Step 8] to the cup, and continue to refrigerate in the refrigerator.

  10. After the mousse is solidified, it can be eaten by sprinkling green tea powder.


Mousse in plastic or glass cups, for different levels of beauty and taste, it will be wonderful to make different layers. For example: 1: add a layer of cream For example, 2: use a part of the coconut milk of [Step 7] to make a matcha jelly directly, fill in a layer in the middle or put some small pieces on the top of the mousse.

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