Recipe: Cold cucumber

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold cucumber


A diet dish that everyone will do --- salad cucumber lose weight: The propanol diacid contained in the cucumber inhibits the conversion of the sugar substance into fat. In addition, cellulose in cucumber promotes the elimination of spoilage substances in the human intestinal tract. And lowering cholesterol has a certain effect, can strengthen the body. Anti-Aging: The old cucumber is rich in vitamin E, which can play a role in prolonging life and anti-aging; The cucumber enzyme in cucumber has strong biological activity and can effectively promote the body's metabolism. Rubbing the skin with cucumber juice, it has the effect of moisturizing and stretching wrinkles;



  1. Wash the cucumber repeatedly, I used it for 15 minutes with rice water.

  2. Crush the cucumber

  3. Prepare the sauce. I am using garlic, raw soy sauce, a little vinegar, a little sugar, a little more sesame oil.

  4. Pour the sauce onto the cucumber


1, the raw cucumber is best to choose organic cucumber, thoroughly cleaned, eat with skin, nutrition is quite rich. 2, can not buy organic, it does not matter, the ordinary cucumber in the farm can also be. Pick cucumbers do not choose the kind of flowers, do not choose the size of the uneven thickness. Fresh cucumber green and crisp has a certain hardness, if picked up Soft, it is not new. The thorns on the surface of the cucumber are not as good as possible, but they are thorny, and these thorns are smashed. It is definitely not fresh. 3, the sauce can change the taste of different mouths according to their own preferences. 4, raw food, when cutting, please wash the chopping board and tools thoroughly

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