Recipe: Cold noodles with sesame sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Cold noodles with sesame sauce


In the evening, I chatted with my husband. I said, "It’s too hot. I’m too lazy to cook. Let’s eat something simple. Let’s eat the noodles with sesame sauce.” My husband said, “Okay, then I will buy cucumber.” He said Cucumber, I suddenly remembered that I was preparing to test the green bean sprouts in the teapot. I said, "Don’t buy cucumbers, just wait a few more days, wait until my mung bean sprouts are born, and use the green bean sprouts to cook the noodles." My husband didn’t do it when he heard it: "What? I just hanged my appetite and said that I didn’t eat it. If your bean sprouts didn’t grow out, it’s not white for a few days!” Haha, I can’t wait for a few days. The charm of this cold noodles with sesame sauce can be seen.



  1. Two tablespoons of sesame sauce, add cold water, add salt, stir evenly

  2. The noodles are cooked, washed with cold water, and mixed with the sesame sauce, it is very simple, but very fragrant, friends who have not eaten must try. Cucumbers are washed and not cut, just bite and eat, how about it, simple enough

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