Recipe: Convenient rice--corn ham sausage fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Convenient rice--corn ham sausage fried rice


I personally feel that it is especially convenient for a person to eat and not want to get some other fried rice. #减肥要快乐的吃吃#



  1. Heat the oil in the hot pot, and cook the corn when it is cooked in 7 or 8 minutes.

  2. The corn turned golden and began to jump inside the pot, the ham

  3. Stir fry a few times, add rice, crush, stir fry

  4. The rice jumped in the pot, put the shallots, and then the seasonings such as salt.

  5. Take the pot, open it


The jump in the 1 step means that the inside of the pot is popped up, the rice is not so obvious, but it can be estimated that the stir fry is evenly distributed. 2 You can add a little green pepper to see your personal preference.

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