Recipe: Cordyceps flower scallop corn ribs soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Cordyceps flower scallop corn ribs soup


A nourishing soup suitable for all seasons, it has the function of enhancing immunity, protecting liver and protecting kidneys against aging. All the ingredients can be eaten without any waste. Rich in nutrition and delicious in taste. No taste of Chinese medicine, suitable for the whole family. . All the ingredients can be bought in Taobao, you can also search for “Tangshui Power” to buy a good soup package in my shop, which can be used for 3~4 people.



  1. Meat and cold water should be placed in the pot at the same time. The amount of water should not be too much. Just have no meat. After the water is opened, the fire is boiled for 3 minutes, and the meat is removed and rinsed in cold water.

  2. The Cordyceps flowers, sorghum and sputum were washed and soaked into clean water, respectively, and after about 2 minutes, drained for use. Peel the sweet corn, wash it after shaving, and cut into small pieces.

  3. Put the ribs into the soup, add enough water, don't cover, heat the fire. After a few minutes, use a spoon to remove the floating foam, add the Cordyceps flower, tamping, scallops, and simmer for 1 hour.

  4. Put in simmer, cook for 10 minutes, add salt and season.


Before the meat is boiled in the pot, it can be better to remove the blood and water impurities by soaking in cold water for 1 hour. The corn in the soup must be bought with sweet corn. The taste of the soup is rich and sweet, otherwise it will be discounted. After drinking the soup, all the food in the soup, including Cordyceps, can be eaten and tastes very good. The water from the Cordyceps flower is yellow, which is a natural spore powder. The nutritional value is very high. Don't waste it. Add it directly to the soup.

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