Recipe: Cotton cupcakes

Home Cooking Recipe: Cotton cupcakes


Thank you all for your support and love for this recipe since the way, because too many people usually ask questions, so it is really embarrassing to reply very rarely!! Simple cupcakes, not too much gorgeous decoration.. It feels like eating a piece of food. Marshmallow is the same...but there is a real feeling of fullness after eating. The people at home love this cake. Note: 1. The weight of 6 paper cups here. 2. The oven I used is forgotten by the Emperor. What model (play me this memorable food), then put it in the middle layer. 3. It is best to use an odorless oil (such as corn oil, salad oil or tea seed oil, butter, peanut oil, these taste too Big, don't want to kiss.) 4. Milk can't be replaced with water, whipping cream or the same milliliter of liquid. (How do you taste the taste? Hahaha looks forward to all kinds of unique works.) 5. The container of protein must be No water and no oil. 6. Finally, pour the cake slurry into the cake paper cup and pour it to 80%. Just don't be too full.



  1. Eggs are divided into eggs and placed in different containers

  2. Egg yolk first add 20g sugar to the sugar to dissolve, and quickly stir after adding corn oil

  3. Then add the milk to the egg yolk paste, and mix well, then sieve into the low-gluten flour and stir with a spatula until no particles.

  4. The protein is added to the remaining sugar and is sent to the top ten by the egg beater (ie, the eggbeater protein is vertical)

  5. First put one-third of the protein into the egg yolk paste and mix it evenly, then pour it into the remaining protein and mix it evenly.

  6. Pour the sliced ​​cake slurry into a paper cup, preheat the oven and bake it at 180 degrees for 15 minutes. This cake does not need to be buckled.


As everyone often said, why the cake will collapse when it comes out, in fact, the cake will be retracted a little normal, but according to the experience I usually do, it will not shrink too much, if too much, we must pay attention to the following Matters: 1. Protein defoaming, protein is not enough, the protein should be sent to the eggbeater, the protein is a vertical sharp corner, there is significant resistance when playing protein. 2. Add more milk or oil. 3. When the protein is mixed into the protein, the number of operations is too much, resulting in defoaming. 4. There is no way to mix the protein into the mixture and mix it in a circular way, resulting in protein defoaming. Open the oven, when the temperature is not cooked, let the temperature of the oven drop. 6. Finally add the protein and the paste is not evenly mixed. PS. Someone asked, are they not similar to the hurricane cake? The answer is almost the same, the formula is not the same, cotton cake is best less oil and less water but relatively polysaccharide, so 50g of low-gluten flour with 20g of oil 20g of water, and 17cm of hurricane cake, probably need 4 eggs and 70g low Gluten, 50cc oil, 60cc milk, the same method, you can refer to

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