Recipe: Cumin chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Cumin chicken wings



  1. The chicken wings are rinsed clean, and each side is cut with a knife. Salt, cooking wine, and raw pickling are about half an hour.

  2. Mix the bowl of juice, including soy sauce, a little soy sauce, barbecued pork sauce, sugar (about 2:1:1:2), mix well, 4,5 pieces of garlic are slightly loose, put in bowl of juice, spare

  3. Cumin, chili noodles

  4. The baking tray of the oven is covered with a layer of barbecue tin foil. The chicken wings are placed flat on the top and baked at 220 degrees and 30 minutes (different ovens or different settings). Open the observation 5 or 6 minutes after the start, and the chicken wings should not be cut. Too dry, brush once and then bake

  5. At intervals of 5 or 6 minutes (approx.), brush the sauce twice again. When the surface is browned, sprinkle with cumin, chili and roast.

  6. Take out a small brush and lick the sauce on the chicken wings, then bake until the end of time.


Do not salt the sauce; The total time and the brushing interval can be grasped by observation by yourself, so as not to burn the burnt skin; The cumin and chili noodles must be placed close to the last, otherwise they will become mushy or smelly.

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