Recipe: Curry seafood risotto

Home Cooking Recipe: Curry seafood risotto



  1. Cut the onions and potatoes into pieces, and cut the beautiful pepper into small pieces; put the fresh shrimp, wine and ginger into boiling water to boil, pick up and peel off the shrimp shells.

  2. Put the butter in the pot, add the potatoes and onions after melting; stir the salt evenly, add the water that drowns the potatoes.

  3. After the potatoes are soft, add crab meat sticks and prawns to boil. (this process takes about 20 minutes)

  4. Turn the fire to a small fire, put it into a curry block and cook it; stir it in a pot with a spoon until the soup becomes thick and turn off the heat; pour the cooked curry on the rice.

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