Recipe: Daylily tofu squid soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Daylily tofu squid soup


The girl sits on the moon and drinks fish soup every day. The squid soup is the most. The ingredients in the fish soup are changed by the pattern. I will share it here.



  1. The squid goes to the scales and goes to the internal organs to wash away the dry water.

  2. Day lily with warm water

  3. Tofu cut into small pieces

  4. Heat the pan a little fry fish, fry until both sides are slightly yellow, pour a little wine along the side of the pan, pour in the appropriate amount of boiled water, boil and simmer for 30 minutes, fish out and add day lily. Cook the tofu for two or three minutes, season with a little salt, and add chopped green onion.


Fry the fish in a pan, take another pot and boil the water. Wait until the fish is fried and then boil in a stockpot. This is not greasy and the fish is not afraid of the fish.

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