Recipe: Deep summer: rose lychee raspberry mousse

Home Cooking Recipe: Deep summer: rose lychee raspberry mousse


After learning the experience of the seniors, summed up this mousse. PH Master Da Macaron is a pair of rose lychee cream and fresh raspberries. I have never dared to touch it. Why not try it from Mousse first? The process is numerous and takes a long time, but the effort will not be wasted. Expect unexpected surprises. The amount of sugar in the formula has been reduced, and it is not very sweet. The process is as simple as possible. The mousse part basically uses only the basic raw materials such as gelatin, cream, etc., and the egg yolk or meringue version is not considered by the lazy person. I used fresh lychee to break into velvet, so the mousse is not too pure, you can also try lychee, it should be very delicate. Students who do not have rose sauce can use rose water, rose petals or rose essence for convenience. You can even combine the order according to your own preferences, and in the end, use your own imagination to make comfortable works in a comfortable way with the ingredients at hand. The formula is 6 inches, and the three-energy 6-inch live cake mold is basically full.



  1. Rose Sponge Cake: Eggs are added with sugar and the texture does not disappear. Add low-powder and mix well. Add a mixture of milk, butter and rose sauce and mix well at 150 degrees for 35 minutes. After cooling, divide into thin slices of about 1cm and put them into the mold.

  2. Rose Mousse: After the gelatin is soft, the milk melts. 8 points to play cream, rose sauce mix, gelatin mix was poured into a mold to freeze hard

  3. Lychee Jelly: Gelatine is soaked in soft, add two spoonfuls of lychee to melt, then mix into the remaining litchi velvet, pour into the frozen rose mousse, continue to freeze hard

  4. Lychee Mousse: Practice with Rose Mousse

  5. Raspberry Jelly: Practice with Litchi Jelly

  6. Lychee Milk Mirror: Mixed material, heated in a microwave oven. Stir until the gelatin melts and pour over the frozen hard mousse cake for 4 hours.


Each layer must be frozen to a hard level to ensure that it does not mix when pouring new liquid

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