Recipe: Dehydrated Yogurt Edition Whole Wheat Black Sesame Walnut Toast

Home Cooking Recipe: Dehydrated Yogurt Edition Whole Wheat Black Sesame Walnut Toast


I used to do it in accordance with the rules of the people, but the finished product is quite like it, and it can be recorded after the ratio is recorded. Dehydrated yogurt has many benefits, and I like it anyway. But sometimes it's too much to take off the cake once and don't want to make a cake. Toast is also a good drop!



  1. Add all the ingredients except butter to the bread machine. Note that yeast should not be in direct contact with sugar or salt.

  2. After the oil method, add the cut into small pieces of butter, add the walnuts and sesame seeds (the amount is not too much because the whole wheat flour content is large if the walnuts will suffer more), and then expand to the stage of expansion. (I really don't want to admit that I have never been out of the film)

  3. One to twice as big. (I used the bread machine to bring the noodle program)

  4. Divide into three doughs, and after 15 minutes of proofing, stack them into rolls. (I don’t describe the process of making a toast, you know it~)

  5. Put the second mold into the toast. (I put it in the oven and put a pot of boiling water under it)

  6. The oven was baked at 175 ° C for 45 minutes.


Because there are many whole grains and walnuts, I feel that the finished product is slightly bitter, but people who like to eat whole wheat should like it and it is very chewy. It is suitable for people who have developed chewing muscles. My dehydrated yogurt is Greek sugar-free. Therefore, the amount of brown sugar is relatively large. If your yogurt has a sweet taste, you can reduce the amount of sugar in the dough. Apply jam to the beautiful drops~

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