Recipe: Double skin milk nest egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Double skin milk nest egg



  1. Separate the egg yolk from the egg white and mix the egg whites.

  2. Pour the fresh milk into the pan and cook it on a low heat. Pour it into the bowl and wait for the cooling.

  3. After the fresh milk is cooled, it can be seen that there is a layer of milk on the top, and the fresh milk under the skin is poured while rotating. The skin is left in the bowl and the milk does not need to be poured too thoroughly, leaving a little fresh milk to the moisturizing skin.

  4. Mix the poured fresh milk and egg white, add a proper amount of sugar and stir. After mixing, there will be a little bubble left on the bowl surface, use a sieve to separate the bubbles, and then slowly pour the milk into the milk skin. In the bowl, the milk in the bowl will slowly float with the injection of fresh milk, then put it into the steamer for 15 minutes (using medium and small fire) and then turn off the fire and put an egg yolk. Don't rush to take the bowl out. Continue to cover the lid and suffocate for about 10 minutes.


1 The remaining egg yolk can be added or not, depending on personal preference, I think it is better to add, and it will not be wasted, there are other uses to keep. 2 When pouring cold milk, remember not to pour the milk, so that the milk skin will stick to the bottom of the bowl, and it will not float when you inject fresh milk. 3 When steaming double skin milk, it is best to put a dish on the bowl surface to avoid deformation of the milk skin to ensure water vapor enters the bowl. 4 When the fresh milk is first brewed, the fresh milk should be boiled into the bowl immediately. If the milk is slightly damaged, it will stick to the pot and form.

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