Recipe: Dragon fruit osmanthus powder

Home Cooking Recipe: Dragon fruit osmanthus powder


Lazy people must have a meal. Every time the glutinous rice is cooked or cooked, it is not hot and hot. The scent of the scent is flowing down quickly. Unfortunately, the bowl is hot and can’t bear to reach out. This is both in front of you. The temptation to not enter the entrance makes the food like a ant on the hot pot! Adding fruit will cool down and solve it!



  1. Dissolve the glutinous powder with a little warm water, evenly smash, no granules

  2. Add the fresh boiled water, stir while stirring, and let the powder form. If it does not solidify, cook only on an open fire, or microwave oven to translucent.

  3. Add sugar osmanthus and mix well.

  4. The dragon fruit is cut into pieces, added to the glutinous rice powder, stirred, and the powder is cooled down, and it can be imported immediately!


The key to success is that the powder is to be shaped, translucent and semi-solidified. Adding dragon fruit is just a thought. The dragon fruit tastes light and won't grab the aroma of sweet-scented osmanthus and glutinous rice. You can also add cantaloupe, kiwi and other fruits, or almond slices and other nut cracked ~ Deluxe Edition powder to play your imagination!

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