Recipe: Dried green beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried green beans


The key to making green beans is to cook and cook. Uncooked green beans contain saponins and trypsin inhibitors, which will stimulate the stomach of the human body, cause food poisoning, and develop gastrointestinal symptoms...



  1. Take the green beans and remove the beans to remove the bean curd. Wash and drain in the simmering section; fry in the oil pan until the skin is slightly wrinkled, and remove the dried oil for use;

  2. Leave a proper amount of residual oil in the pot, stir fry the pork, add ginger, minced garlic and cooking wine, stir fry until dry; pour in the green beans, stir a little salt, sugar and chicken to stir well, sprinkle with chopped green onion.


Cognac is a very common cooking method used in Sichuan cuisine. It is a special coke-sweet taste derived by slowly drying the ingredients with oil. You can't use an emergency fire when you fry the green beans. Let the water evaporate slowly, which will ensure the deep-fried, but also keep the color fresh. According to the regional characteristics, dried amaranth will be added with sprouts, peppers and other seasonings; this recipe is cooked according to the taste of the family, because it is not good to eat spicy, just add a little bit of pepper to add color before the pot, so it is not included Please adjust the material table as needed.

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