Recipe: Dried radish

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried radish



  1. Wash the radish dry clean and soak for about 10 minutes to remove some salty taste, drain the water and cut into small pieces.

  2. Pour the oil in the pan, pour the peeled edamame after the heat, and simmer in the fire until it is broken.

  3. Leave some base oil in the pot, pour in the radish that has been cut into small pieces and stir-fry until it is basically broken. Add a small amount of water and soy sauce.

  4. Color), white sugar (slightly add a little, the taste is sweeter)

  5. Cover the lid, boil over low heat and cook over low heat until the radish is dried and no longer has a tough taste.

  6. Finally, you can sprinkle a large amount of chopped green onion as you like.

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