Recipe: Dried shiitake mushrooms, fried red pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried shiitake mushrooms, fried red pepper


Office workers are very hard ah ~ fast food is not nutritious and expensive, and sometimes the quality is also worrying, do not vacate yourself after the shift, and personally give yourself a safe and nutritious lunch. Shiitake mushroom is very suitable as a lunch ingredient ~ it is a zero failure, it is very suitable for the kitchen white.



  1. Wash the dried mushrooms before going to bed the day before cooking, then use a proper amount of water (so that the mushrooms are covered).

  2. Wake up in the morning, remove the soaked mushrooms, go to the water in a little mushroom, cut the strips, and go to the petals.

  3. Cut the meat well, into the bowl, add 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, add starch to stir (add starch to make the meat more soft), marinate for ten minutes.

  4. Heat the oil in a hot pot and add the chopped scallion and ginger. Soon, add the marinated pork, stir fry evenly, add pork and stir fry. Mushrooms need to be stir-fried.

  5. Mushrooms are cooked and scented, salt is added (slightly less than usual, because the meat is salty, mushrooms can also absorb salt), add chicken essence. Turn off the fire.

  6. Wash the red pepper and use a quarter. Cut into strips. Add the fried mushrooms to the fried meat. Use warm red pepper.

  7. Ok, the rice in the lunch box, the dish, became


1. About the water problem of shiitake mushrooms. If you want to hurry up, you can use warm water around 40 °C, soak in advance, cool water is good, wow 2, soak the mushroom water, do not fall, you can have nutrition, you can add to the dish.

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