Recipe: Dry pot bullfrog

Home Cooking Recipe: Dry pot bullfrog


Although this bullfrog lacks the oily plate of the restaurant, the colorful ingredients are really very good (Wang Po also sells melon). I replaced the hotel's "ditch" with a small amount of "liquid gold oil". "The oil" quickly sizzles the bullfrogs, retaining the freshness of the bullfrogs to the utmost extent. Although it does not look too heroic, it is definitely the best choice for those who pursue fashion and health and don't want to swear by themselves. This ten-minute pot The big meat dish will definitely make you feel good at the holiday banquet.



  1. Bullfrogs are peeled, visceral, cut into small pieces (the best to find the seller, otherwise terrible) cucumber, garlic, pepper, parsley, bean paste

  2. Cut all ingredients into spare

  3. Put the olive oil in the pot when it is warm, put the bullfrog into the quick stir fry, wait for the smoke, add the wine and stir fry in June.

  4. Remove the bullfrog, add oil, fry the dried chili, green chili, add the bean paste, stir fry the cucumber

  5. After adding the flavor, add the bullfrog, chili oil, garlic cloves, stir-fry and sprinkle with Hunan cuisine, and put in the dry pot.


In order to enjoy the purer olive oil and let the olive oil function to the extreme, the most preferred method of consumption is fasting or cold salad. Choose some salmon, squid and other fleshy fish with a little bit of olive oil. Remember that the oil can be put into the pan at a slight temperature, that is, using hot pot cold oil to cook, to maximize the oil. The nutritional value, don't wait for the oil to smoke. . . In view of the Chinese people's eating habits, it is also possible to use olive oil for short-term fast-cooking, such as stir-fry vegetables, simmering liver tips, etc., the temperature is lower than that of cooking, so dishes such as stew can also be used. olive oil. However, dishes such as fried chicken chops, fried octopus, and dried glutinous beef that require high-temperature heating for a long time are expensive and costly to lose nutrients. It is better to choose peanut oil or salad oil that is cheaper and has a higher smoke point.

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