Recipe: Duck egg as a hurricane cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Duck egg as a hurricane cake


Some people who are allergic to eggs or who don't eat eggs, if you want to eat a bite, you will benefit! ! Can refer to this menu, I am also the first try, but still quite successful! ! But forget to take pictures, next time!



  1. The egg yolk is separated, the honey is added to the egg yolk, the salad oil is mixed, the milk is stirred, the mixture is evenly mixed, and the sieved low-gluten flour is added, and the mixture is stirred until no particles are used.

  2. Next, I started to send egg whites. Duck egg whites are more difficult to send. I have to be a little patient! ! The egg white is sent to a large bubble with a file, then it is sent to the tip of the hook in the third gear. The first time you add white sugar, continue to open the third gear and send it to the pointed hook. The second time you add white sugar, the third gear is also opened. A pointed hook appears, adding white sugar and lemon juice! !

  3. Next, pay attention, use the scraper to scrape the edge of the bowl into the basin and continue to open a file for a few laps! Remember to warm up 150 degrees before sending the egg whites!

  4. Start mixing the egg yolk paste and the egg whites! Mix three times! Stir well and put it in the baking tray and feed it into the oven! ! After 25 minutes, get ready to eat! ! !

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