Recipe: Duck tart cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Duck tart cake


In the season when the acacia flowers are in full bloom, the flowers have anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and antibacterial effects. Nutritional ingredients: sugar, vitamins, scented diol, aromatic sputum, etc. The flower is high in pollen. The pollen is the sperm of the plant. It is the best thing in the plant. The flower has the functions of beauty and beauty, maintaining body shape and protecting the stomach. Duck eggs are cool, sweet and salty, with the function of nourishing yin and clearing the lungs. The combination of the two is a delicious health food in the spring.



  1. Prepare all the materials first, wash the acacia flowers and drain.

  2. Knock open 3 duck eggs into a bowl, use a manual egg beater to foam, add washed sassafras, add appropriate amount of water milled starch and salt, and mix well.

  3. Use a flat-bottom non-stick pan and peanut oil to heat it. Slowly pour the egg paste in the bowl and shake it. Spread the pan into a round shape and slowly fry until it is golden on both sides.

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