Recipe: Durian crisp

Home Cooking Recipe: Durian crisp


The taste of durian is not to be said, everyone must know that the smell is fragrant and fragrant! Now there are a lot of fresh durians sold here, and less than 7 yuan per catty, a medium size of 40 yuan, it is the cats who love this lotus. Good time to eat! This thing is nutritious, but it is said that it is getting angry when eating too much. If you match a few mangosteens that go to fire, it would be better. There are ready-made meringues in the refrigerator, and a few durians are baked to be small! It’s okay, it’s okay, meat More than one mouth, the skin will freeze again. Like sweets, add some sugar to the durian meat. You like the original taste, and you don’t add it. It's simple to use only durian meat.



  1. A meringue (practice), divided into large slaps, big and small, it doesn't matter.

  2. Wrap in the right amount of durian meat, not too much, so as not to flow out when roasting

  3. For the folding and pressing, press the position of 1CM from the side to press it. Arranged on a tinned baking sheet

  4. Use this fork to tie the small eye and brush the egg yolk. It is best not to brush it to the side.

  5. The oven is expected to heat 220 degrees, bake for about 25 minutes, until the surface is golden, the layering is clear and basically just fine.

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