Recipe: Egg fried bean dregs

Home Cooking Recipe: Egg fried bean dregs



  1. Filtered bean dregs

  2. Onions, carrots, and cucumbers are diced separately.

  3. Beat an egg and pour in the bean dregs

  4. Add the appropriate amount of salt and mix the eggs and bean dregs.

  5. Onion heats the scent of the onion

  6. Stir fry with egg yolk

  7. After a while, pour in carrots and cucumbers and stir fry together.

  8. Add some salt and chicken seasoning, and stir fry until loose. (Do not add soy sauce, keep the original color of the egg.)

  9. After the plate, sprinkle with diced green onion.


Very civilian, very low-carbon egg fried rice ~ Hehe----I am a little hurry after the speculation, it is directly on the plate to eat, if you have time, but also want to have more to sell, you can press the rice in the bowl Reversed, this will look better~

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