Recipe: Egg stand

Home Cooking Recipe: Egg stand


Bitter chrysanthemum is often used for cold salad, and the taste is bitter, but this practice completely removes bitterness! The first time I ate this dish, I really didn't guess that the green vegetables inside were bitter chrysanthemums, wrapped in eggs, the water was very good (more than the water of the leek), and some crispy! The practice is super simple!



  1. After the bitter chrysanthemum is washed, it will not be cut, and it will be boiled with boiling water. After ironing, cut the section of 3-5cm. Onion diced.

  2. Two eggs are broken up, add bitter chrysanthemum segments and round onions, add a little salt

  3. Flat non-stick pan, add a little oil, pour the mixed egg liquid to fry. This process only turns once, so the first side should be fried until the egg cake is formed. The vegetables on the top are basically fixed. At this time, the noodles are fried until fully cooked.


If the bitter chrysanthemum is bigger, put one more egg.

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