Recipe: Egg yolk crab meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Egg yolk crab meat


Today's egg yolk crab meat is very delicious because of the egg yolk's participation, but at the same time I don't recommend everyone to eat it. Everyone will do it. I know that the egg yolk can do this and I will be content.



  1. Mix a little salted egg yolk in the crab meat

  2. Make a pot of hot water, add water to the ginger and cook for two minutes, then add crabmeat and salted egg yolk. Because salted egg yolk and crab meat are cooked, so don’t cook for too long.

  3. After boiling the pot, pour the water into the starch and taste it. If the taste is not enough, you can add a little salt to the pan.

  4. Doing this, I don’t think it’s necessary to put sesame oil, but it will destroy the umami taste.


1. This canned crab meat can be bought in a foreign trade supermarket. The crab meat inside is a trace of it, soaked in salt water. When I was using it, I was afraid that I would not be salty and squeeze out the salt water inside, leaving only the crab meat.

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