Recipe: Fish-flavored pork ~ traditional version

Home Cooking Recipe: Fish-flavored pork ~ traditional version


Fish-flavored pork is a representative dish of Sichuan cuisine~ Fish-flavor is one of the main traditional flavors of Sichuan cuisine. The dish has a fishy flavor, but its flavor does not come from fish, but red pepper, onion, ginger, garlic, sugar, salt. It is made up of seasonings such as soy sauce and vinegar. It is also very suitable for home making. Please refer to the following recipes~



  1. The tenderloin is shredded, the thickness is about 3mm, the length is about 8cm, the bamboo shoots go to the old skin, and the shredded meat is shredded with shredded pork. It is thicker than the shredded pork or cut into strips.

  2. Add a little bit of pork with soy sauce, a little bit of wine, a little bit of starch, mix well, and marinate for 15 minutes, then add 1⁄2 part of the salad oil to prevent the frying pan~

  3. The wok is set on fire, boiled water first, hot bamboo shoots and fungus silk. If the bamboo shoots use canned bamboo shoots, it needs to be boiled for about 2 minutes to fully remove the canned taste. After picking up, remove it and drain it. Heat the pot and add a little salad oil, don't have too much~ Hot pot cold oil first stir the pork and then take it out~ Add a little bit of oil in the pot, stir fry the pepper, stir fry the red oil and then sauté the ginger and minced garlic. Saute, then add hot bamboo shoots and fungus to saute, start seasoning ~ add soy sauce, cooking wine, vinegar, sugar, because the pickled pepper or Jixian spicy sauce has salt, so if the salty taste is enough, do not have to put salt ~ After a good taste, hook a little bit of powdered water, make the soup slightly thicker, add the pork, stir well.


1. The traditional fish-flavored pork has no ingredients such as carrots and green peppers. I don't recommend that the family make these. If you add it, you can't eat the traditional taste. 2. After the seasoning is finished, you should try a little soup to try the taste. It should be a little bit sour. After continuing to fry, the sour taste will be lost a little bit. When it is served, it will be just fine. 3. Side dish, onion, ginger and garlic can not be less, otherwise it will not come out. Silk 1, bamboo shoots 0.5, fungus 0.25

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