Recipe: Fish pot noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Fish pot noodles


Favorite pasta, love to eat fish, no matter how you mix it, you will feel happy when you have fish.



  1. Pack the fish and put it on the salt

  2. Flour is turned into a batter, which means that the chopsticks can be made into one piece after picking up, and the consistency will not fall off.

  3. Onion ginger garlic cut good spare

  4. Dried red peppers cut out

  5. Hot pot into the fried fish to the surface of the skin is burnt, then put a little onion (leave it while waiting for the pot), ginger, garlic, and then add water. Soy sauce, soy sauce, ketchup, pepper, thirteen incense, just put more on the standard of braised fish, because the soup is more

  6. The fire is boiled and begins to be transferred to the noodles.

  7. After the noodles are finished, cover the lid and cook until cooked. You can turn off the fire and put the remaining onions to open the rice.


1. Some people like to eat big chunks, but because the fish is too easy to rot, it is better to adjust it smaller. 2. Some people will put the fish out in the noodles, but I like the taste of the fish into the noodles, so there is no separate pot.

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