Recipe: Fitness essentials - chicken breasts giant

Home Cooking Recipe: Fitness essentials - chicken breasts giant


It looks like a lot of calories~ In fact, the size is not big and the calories are ultra-low, high protein, suitable for my fitness sister~



  1. The chicken breast is kneaded into a puree. Add the cooking wine to the clams, add the soy sauce or salt to taste, add the pepper to make the fragrant, the carrots are cut into fine diced, and the mushroom stalk portions of the mushrooms are also cut into small diced, and the chicken broth is evenly stirred. Then divide it evenly into two or three pieces of patties.

  2. Put the black side of the mushroom down, sprinkle some pepper on it, then spread the chicken cake on a tin foil, 180 degrees for 12 minutes. It can also be done with a pan.

  3. Cut the cucumber slices and prepare the corn kernels when baking.

  4. Finally, put one of the baked mushrooms on the bottom, then stack the chicken breast cake, yogurt, and corn kernels in order. Finally, cover the other mushroom on the top. Began to eat!


1. You can also use a pan without an oven.

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